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explorations across a life of lines

On view at Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles

June 25 – July 30, 2022

Show statement

Inspired by Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘lines of becoming’, a concept elaborated upon by anthropologist Tim Ingold in his book ‘The life of lines”, where life is understood as an open-ended process of following lines, I have placed the life of lines at the center of this new series. Life, the process of becoming, is defined as a gathering of lines, or threads, through which we follow the ways of the world as they unfold, entangle and unravel. These lines become meaningful through our continuous engagement with them within the ever extending trajectories through which we wander.

Starting from the premise that these threads of our existence are in constant motion invites us to attend life in its immediacy and to embrace our capacity to affect and be affected. To me, it also implies that vulnerability lies at the heart of our being in this world, as we set out on a thread of longing that doesn’t allow us to linger in the past or control our future. I am fascinated by the fragility of this ‘life process’ and the tension that arises once we try to hold on to things in a world that can’t be contained. For life isn’t a neatly wound ball of yarn, but an ‘improvised’ assembly of threads with knots, loops and many open ends. 

It’s the lines of becoming and the open-endedness of life that I wish to celebrate in this new body of work, allowing things to connect as well as to unravel. By focusing on threads as a visual representation of the delicate yet strong entanglements that constitute life, I aimed to explore the way they play a role in our process of becoming and the fragility that lies at its core. 



You can view the entire exhibition here.

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