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“Where the lonely ones gather”

– solo show opening December 12th at Antler Gallery

“In these times of quarantine, I like to let my mind travel to new worlds where isolated individuals may wander, explore and connect with each other. These worlds hold nothing but possibilities, but who are we within it? And, starting from the premise that we need to connect with others to shape and define our being in this world, what happens when the everyday moments of connection between ourselves and our (social) environment can’t take place?
For months individuals have been living in bubbles of solitude, connecting with the world and with others in new ways. I like to believe that this bubble doesn’t have to be seen as limiting, but that it can be perceived as empowering, as it has opened up a new space for us to redefine bothourselves and our connection with the world. This series keeps this thought at its heart and presents a selection of stories that shed light on what may happen when the lonely ones gather and connect in perhaps unusual, but meaningful new ways.”

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