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“For the month of October, Arch Enemy is excited to present a full-gallery exhibition inspired by the five classical elements defined by ancient cultures.

Each of the 4 core elements have been translated by one featured artist into a spotlight collection. A 12-artist group show will cover the concept of The Void, a 5th element, sometimes also referred to as aether in ancient greek, akasha in India, and quintessence in Europe that represents an esoteric space for things beyond the material world.” 


I am excited and grateful to contribute to this new show at Arch Enemy Arts with a mini collection of new works inspired by the element “Air”. To me, Air is not only essential for living the life we know, but it also encompasses movement and freedom, allowing all kinds of creatures on this planet to establish a sense of where they are and where they need to be- using air as a signifying element. What intrigues me greatly is the paradoxical characteristic within this, where the lack of our movement allows us to experience the sensorial qualities of air even more. Sometimes, by standing perfectly still we experience its force and its freedom even better. 

Hence, to me, air is life, air is transformation and air manifests itself in our sense of being. I tried to capture this in the paintings I created for this show by placing emphasis on both movement and stillness, underpinning the importance of the element air as something to acknowledge, respect and cherish. 

For more information about these, and the other incredible pieces featured in this month’s show, please visit Arch Enemy Art’s website or click here.

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