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connections made in a universe of dreams 


on view at Arch Enemy Arts 

Oct 21st – Nov 20th, 2022



When a sense of uncertainty casts a shadow over the world we inhabit, we are forced to re-evaluate the normality of our everyday lives. Familiar patterns all of the sudden become a peculiar fabric through which we construct our being in this world. This change opens up new pathways of thought on how we connect with and within the world, and it is this question that lies at the heart of my new show.  

Starting from the premise that the world is a conversation and that it exists in the correspondence between biophysical, human and spiritual elements, the connection between matter and energy – the self and the cosmos – has come to play an important part in this new body of work. I like to believe that lived and dreamed realities inhabit the same realm in which the world is continuously being created. After all, our imagination plays an incredibly important role in the way we are able to live our lives and imbue them with meaning. To explore this premise further, I turned my focus inwards to my own lived and imagined realities and the way they shape my world. Through that exercise I have aimed to (literally) shed light on elements that constitute the correspondence between me and the world- between me and my universe of dreams. 

This exercise has resulted in nine new paintings for which I’ve drawn on personal experiences and sentiments that I subsequently tried to translate into overarching experiences of being. They highlight fragments and elements of the correspondence that takes place, a kind of correspondence that can be sensed, perceived and hopefully even resonate with others through the social, cultural and spiritual ties that connect us all. “Correspondence” is about our ability to imagine, create and thereupon connect with and within the world and all its elements – which is quite the super power if you ask me, a power that deserves to be celebrated. 

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