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on view at Beinart Gallery

July 22nd – August 13th, 2023


In my new show, “Circus” functions a metaphor for the madness of everyday life. It sheds light on life as a performance, a life in which we are ceremonial animals in search of social acceptance, unity and a sense of belonging, something that we try to establish through rituals that create and contribute meaning to the life we live. Following this premise, “Circus” is a visceral exploration of what is versus what should, or could, be. 

The circus of life as I have come to know it encompasses a choreography of expectations nestled in the absurd. It’s a peculiar arena of restrictions that simultaneously, and quite ironically, also carries within it all the ingredients that are needed to break free. Therefore, “Circus” sheds light on the balancing act of life, the continuous conversation of what is versus what should be, and is rooted in the constructive process of becoming whilst placing the animal kingdom at the center stage. A stage, or better said: an arena, where young animals discover the world freely and let the environment imprint their being while the older animals move with and within the structures that have shaped them. 

“Circus” is a curious, and some may say even say ‘mad’, exploration of what happens in the center of the arena, in the illuminated circle of performance that is capable of drawing our attention in the most immersive and mesmerizing way, and yet is so frail and prone to change, as clouds wander across the sky, scattering the light and bringing the performance to a sudden halt. Because as the light shifts and our focus is redirected, just like the smallest gust of wind can change that once so perfectly round shape of the dandelion, our definition of what life enfolds is redefined and the fragility of becoming, the absurdity of expectations and the true madness of the circus we perform in, becomes exposed. 


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