Periodic Table of Elements – Group show at Arch Enemy Arts

By 04/05/2018Art, Exhibitions

On May 4th a new group show opens at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, and I’ve been fortunate enough to create a brand new piece for this exhibition that focuses on the Periodic Table of Elements. Read their official website’s statement on this show for more information below:


“For our May group exhibition, Arch Enemy challenged 19 artists to each create a moment or tell a story using only one of nature’s most basic building blocks. Exploring what’s as valuable as gold, bromine used as a tool of greed and deception, or phosphorus’ ability to bring light into the dark, each artist created a single piece using their own signature style and medium to bring science and creativity together in 19 moments, perfectly designed for this world.(..)”

The show features new works of a selection of amazing and inspiring artists, such as Alex Eckman-Lawn, David Seidman, Joe Vollan, Paul Romano and Rachael Bridge. Needless to say it’s an honor to be included in this show.


Please visit Arch Enemy Arts’ website for more information about the show and all the pieces that are available for adoption.

Bearer of Light: The story behind this piece

This piece is inspired by the element “phosphorus” and its many qualities, shapes and forms. Derived from the Greek, it became known as the “light-bearer” and was seen as an extraordinary substance with mysterious and wondrous possibilities, due to it’s highly reactive nature. Today, it’s known to be a necessary element in our lives, where it’s able to both sustain (and create) live (as an essential part of our bodies, but also as en element used in fertilizers), as well as taking it- as we’ve seen in the shape of bombs or, for example, pesticides. It’s this circle of life  and the mystery of it, that I wanted to capture in this work.

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