New show “LIMINAL” opening october 6th at Arch Enemy Arts

By 05/10/2017Art

I’m proud to announce that my first show, “Liminal: stories of transformation and belonging”, opens october 6th 2017 at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia.

Liminal: stories of transformation and belonging 

Ever since I was introduced to the anthropological studies on the concept of liminality within rituals and the ceremonial beings that we as human beings are, I’ve been fascinated with these ‘spaces in between’ and what they do to our notion of Self. Funnily enough, I found myself roaming these very spaces when I was asked for this feature. I had just found out I had to move out of my beloved home, while I simultaneously registered my business and tried to develop and establish myself as an artist. Being the homebody that I am, moving without having a new place to move to was a big deal. However, it was after those long days of figuring out what to do, going through my stuff, and reliving the memories it all holds, that the first ideas for this feature came into existence. It made me aware of all the processes that were going on subconsciously, but yet somehow found their way to the surface, bubbling up in the form of new stories for me to tell. It then felt only natural to me to focus on the liminal place I found myself in, and the concept of belonging it encompasses.

By combining elements of home (the Netherlands), and the animal world I like to immerse myself in, I tried to create stories that explore concepts of transition and ambiguity, of deconstruction and construction; stories that shed light on the liminality in our lives.


// if you’re interested to get on the preview list for this show or if you have any other inquiries, please contact Arch Enemy Arts. Please visit their website for more information.

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