I am very honored to have been included in the upcoming group show “The Way We Rust II” at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia. Together with Veks van Hillik’s solo show “ESPRIT TROUBLE // BLURRED MIND”, this group show will open its doors on February 3rd, and it features new work from  Jason Blake, Sean Xenos, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Tracy Lewis, Kelly McKernan, Allison Sommers, Jason Hernandez, Heather McLean, Genevive Zacconi, Scott Kirschner & Caitlin McCormack and yours truly.

The show’s pieces are inspired by some of our favorite lyrics. For me, personally, this is a big theme, and I took this opportunity as a chance to get inspired by my all-time favorite band; The Dillinger Escape Plan. Not only have they pushed me to get out of my comfort-zone and pursue the things I truly love, but they were actually the band through which I got to know the gallery. Funny how things work, right?

If you are in the neighbourhood, please stop by and get lost in the little worlds of wonder created in these two shows at Arch Enemy Arts, 109 Arch Str, Philadelphia, USA. For more information about the show, please visit this website.

“Claw away at the wound inside
Rip into my flesh to find a light
It’s suffocating in here and it’s only me
Come a little bit closer, please”


“Honeysuckle”- The Dillinger Escape Plan 

“Obsessed with thoughts that deform
Held on by hope too well worn
Crippled because of dreams that eclipse reality
Crashing into truths we don’t perceive
We don’t perceive”

“Widower”- The Dillinger Escape Plan 

“We are forever entwined stuck in a play we can’t get out of”

“Partysmasher”- The Dillinger Escape Plan

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